Startup Profile : Fresh 233

This piece is the part of a series of posts featuring the work of inspiring people we met in the process of preparing the first report on the Startup ecosystem in Ghana. Startup Profiles will be included in the final document we are looking forward to share with Investors and Policy-makers at global events such as DEMO Africa and Angel Fair South Africa. If you are a startup founder, make sure to participate and get a chance to be featured in this blog and/or the report by taking this survey.

Ghana has some of the freshest food around. Vegetables, fruits and grains grown right in the region are beautifully crafted by husbands, wives and children alike into tasty dishes known the world over. Ghana is proud of its fresh produce, but this lack of preservatives also means that it is important to buy the ingredients fresh and use them quickly. Ghana is proud to be developing quickly into an economic force to be reckoned with, but there is an unfortunate disconnect between the demands of traditional cooking and the busy schedule of some of the newest and most innovative professional fields.

Enter Fresh233 (formerly known as Green Coast Foods), the answer to the prayers of the modern day man (or woman!) who wants to have it all: the big job, the busy social life, and the traditional, or not-so-traditional, home cooked meal. Fresh233 is an online shopping service that delivers local produce and other goods to your doorstep! With an abundance of such rich and flavorful natural ingredients, it’s a wonder this idea wasn’t developed sooner.


The masterminds behind making this idea a reality are Akwasi Tagoe, a KNUST graduate with a degree in Agriculture, and his two friends holding Electrical Engineering BScs from the same university, Kwaku Donkor, and Koby Nkrumah, CEO. The latter has been working with Huawei and has tech knowledge in e-commerce while Tagoe’s work with Avnash Industries took him to various farming communities in Ghana and helped him to identify the gap between the producer and the modern day consumer. “I saw the wastage of food produce due to lack of market or poor pricing of goods by middle-men,” he recounted.

Not only does Fresh233 provide a service to consumers, but it also helps connect local farmers with the market they are looking to target, and provides additional technical support to those in the field. Akwasi Tagoe is doubly inspired to work twice as hard with the platforms dual beneficiaries. “I’m motivated by the fact that not only does Fresh233 provide a service to consumers, but it also helps connect local farmers with the market they are looking to target, and provides additional technical support to those in the field.”

His first foray into the field of agrobusiness came through his Agro-advocacy group for graduates and youth, an online platform titled Graduates in Agriculture, or GRADiA. “It started as a blog,” Akwasi told us, “then I saw an opportunity on the impact it could have if it was a fully functional group.” GRADiA’s vision is to is to create a platform for graduates, students and young entrepreneurs in agriculture to identify potential avenues for growth and development in order to improve upon the value chain system in Ghana and Africa at large.

The Fresh 233 team at your service : Akwasi, Kwaku & Koby (from left to right)

GRADiA and Fresh233 compliment each other perfectly, and as they grow, they can only grow together. They demonstrate Tagoes passion and drive for creating an agricultural and food revolution in Ghana. According to him, passion is indeed the most important element in any entrepreneurial venture: “I think for most entrepreneurs the passion that keeps us going is deeper than we think.”

Akwasi Tagoe describes the innovation landscape in Ghana as very bright. “It’s like a new breed of Ghanaians are rising who want to solve problems and have an impact on the society,” he annotated. In the face of such inspiring ideas as Fresh233, who can help but agree? Just like the produce it sells, Fresh233 is homegrown, connecting rural farmers with an ever-growing and crucial urban consumer population, and with hard work and touch of luck, the immense potential and sustainability of his innovative concept will see Fresh233 through to long term success. No preservatives needed.

Madeline Vellturo

NB : Fresh233 will launch its web platform soon but you can already use their service by Phone.


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